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Caroline is an investor friendly Realtor® here on Maui. She has been recognized as a leader in her field and is cherished by both the buyer and seller clients she works with. Growing up in South Maui makes her a local girl with local knowledge, which gives her a huge advantage when working with off island clients. Visit her website at: or on Instagram @LadyAlohaREI

Hi, I’m Caroline!

My story is a bit of a whirlwind, and my journey to get here kinda was too!  I wish I could say everything was always up and easy, but that’s just not true. I was born in Taiwan and adopted by a family in Vancouver, Canada who lived in Hawaiʻi for about 6 months every year. My dad was literally a member of a “skinflint” club in Canada, and while spending as little money as possible was how he lived his life, the things that were most important to him were my mum, me, God and Maui.  If I wanted anything in life I had to figure out how to get it myself.  On Maui we had a one bedroom condo where I had to sleep on the couch.  We’ve had that same condo since I was 9 years old… same couch too.

I guess this taught me to be driven and to go after what I wanted.  I was determined to do well in school (Valedictorian at UH Maui College in 2011) so I could provide a better and more stable life for myself and my family. When I was 19, God brought me a patient human that would turn from friend, to confidant, to best friend, to first kiss to husband. My first and last, my forever and always. We’re going on 14 years of marriage and while I think I couldn’t love Mike (aka. Pie) any more, every day he gives me reasons why I can. I’m so grateful.

Add parenting into the mix, and despite it’s challenges, is more than a dream come true. Nico is a wild rollercoaster ride that keeps me growing, learning and teaching on another level. And while it constantly reminds me to be patient (wooosaaaaahhhhh), is definitely the best job on the planet. It has shown me a love like nothing I could have ever imagined.

Having Nico made me realize I wanted more for my family. Mike and I started looking into options to set our family up for success.  We struggled financially, but were disciplined and driven.  A few years before Nico, Mike made me read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” …and talk about a mind shift! That sparked a change in me to look at everything as either an asset or a liability. Mike was a firefighter at the time and diving deep into researching real estate investing. It seemed possible, even for us, a young family who had very few resources living in a ridiculously expensive market.

Just before Nico was born we took the plunge, and wow, it’s been incredible. I never thought my life would actually ever change, and definitely not to the extent that it has.In about 5 years our lives had totally been catapulted to another level.Not only did we become financially free, but we became surrounded by an amazing community of people working to elevate themselves through investing in their mindset, their family, heath, their education and more. It’s a funny thing how a little success leads to a lot of successes.

Now we have the freedom to choose what we want to do, with whom and when. It’s amazing. We left the rat race of the W2 world behind and while it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, the journey has been beyond worth it. I got my real estate license so I could learn the ins and outs of the deal, look for opportunities to expand our portfolio, and be well-versed to help others find deals that might work for them. I get super excited to share how we did it and how we’re still doing it so others can achieve financial freedom too.  It’s like pulling people up out of the rat race and onto a liferaft.  I finally feel like I’m now living the life I could only ever dream of before.

The crazy thing is, this all started because we took that first step and the doors kept opening. If you are looking for a pivot in your life, if you’re scared, anxious and excited all at once, that’s normal.  We were too. I encourage you to step through that door and see the abundance on the other side. 

There is a whole community waiting to welcome you to a very bright future!

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