We have spent years reading, learning, networking and applying what we’ve learned to build our portfolio. There have been mistakes and stumbling along the way, but we took that as an education and now we’ve got a well-oiled machine as they say.  Our properties run efficiently without us and we have the time freedom we’ve always dreamed of. Now we’re compiling all the information we’ve learned, all the strategies, concepts and know-how into comprehensive courses that can help you succeed in your market. If you’re ready to start designing your future, start here! 

Real Estate

Investing For Passive Income

Why do so many of the wealthiest people on the planet invest in Real Estate? There are a ton of reasons, but one of the simplest is the returns are great, and the longer you hold onto the asset the better it becomes. Investing in real estate can be done with little to no money of your own and we’ll show you how.  We’ll go into all of the reasons why and many of the different asset classes in this course.  While this course is meant to be full of useful information, strategies and more, it is also just scratches the surface into what real estate investing is all about.  What it will do is give you an idea of why people choose real estate, and how they make money from many different classes of  real estate.

Getting Started with Airbnbs:

Bulletproof Strategies / Maximum Income

There are a ton of ways to make money with Airbnb’s, but there’s also a lot of ways to lose money with Airbnb’s if they’re not setup or performing correctly.  In this course we’re going to go over everything from choosing a market for your Airbnb, to underwriting the deal, making offers, funding the purchase, all the ways we setup our Airbnb’s, best practices, Airbnb algorithms, and more. This is a super comprehensive course meant to be the definitive one-stop shop for getting started and successfully managing your Airbnbs.

Think you can’t make money from Airbnb’s in this market?  Think again…

Airbnb Autopilot:

Systems & Scaling For Generational Wealth

When you’re ready for the next level and want to scale bigger, it’s time to put in systems and processes for scaling.  These are the skills, systems, softwares and products we use to continue to scale our Airbnbs without stress or headaches.  There’s a lot of value in this course even for people just getting started, but if you have more than 2 Airbnbs, this course will help you maximize your net operating income while reducing your time involvement in your business.

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We’re working hard every day to bring you the ultimate guides to investing in real estate.  All three of our courses are in the pre-production phase and will be ready for testing soon. If you’d like to sign up to be a beta-tester for us, meaning getting FREE, first hand access while we iron out the kinks let us know!  We just ask that you provide us with feedback along the way so we can make our courses as beneficial as possible to as many people as possible!  Thank you so much for your interest!

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