We’re the Neubauer family from Maui, Hawaii. The picture above was taken yesterday at the beach during my wife’s 36th birthday celebration. That’s her (Caroline) on the left, Me (Mike) in the middle and our son Nico on the right.  I’m guessing our family is a lot like yours. We worked the traditional W2 jobs for a long time, but underneath it, we knew we were meant for more, and I’m betting you know it too.

So, we started investing.  We invested in ourselves, learning and growing. We invested financially into traditional investments like stocks and our 401k and finally into real estate. It took us a long time and we did a lot of research before we took that dive, but once we did it was a rocket! In 5 short years we reached the point where we had more money coming in from our rentals than we needed to pay our bills. We were financially free!

And of course we left those W2 jobs!  Now we continue to invest in real estate, but also in our health, our community, our mindset, our family and our education.  I like to say we are designing and living our perfect lives.

Along the way a lot of people have asked us how we did it. There’s no real secret, but it starts with just getting started. We’re creating this space to be a hub where we can share what has worked for us, what we are working on and the actual blueprints we have followed to get to where we are today.  Trust me, we’re not that far ahead of you.

We had and continue to have mentors in every facet of our growth, and we encourage you to find them too. If you are ready to start designing and living your perfect life, we’re happy to help show you the way!

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