How to Challenge an Insurance Company’s Assessment

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How To Challenge an insurance company’s assessment

Challenging an insurance company’s assessment from a catastrophic event can be a complex process, but it’s important if you believe the initial assessment is inaccurate or unfair. Here’s a general outline of steps you can consider taking:

  1. Review Your Policy: Carefully review your insurance policy to understand the terms, coverage limits, deductibles, and the process for disputing assessments. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what you’re entitled to under your policy.

  2. Document the Damage: Gather evidence to support your claim. Take detailed photographs and videos of the damage to your property and belongings. Make a list of everything that was destroyed and their estimated value before the catastrophic event.

  3. Request a Reassessment: Contact your insurance company and request a reevaluation of the damage assessment. Provide them with the evidence you’ve gathered, including any new information that could impact the assessment.

  4. Engage a Public Adjuster: If you believe your insurance company’s assessment is significantly undervaluing your loss, you might consider hiring a public adjuster. Public adjusters are independent professionals who can assess the damage and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. Keep in mind that public adjusters usually charge a fee or a percentage of your insurance payout.

  5. Get Independent Appraisals: You can seek independent appraisals from qualified professionals to estimate the value of the property and belongings before the catastrophic event. These appraisals can serve as evidence to challenge the insurance company’s assessment.

  6. Communicate in Writing: Keep all communication with the insurance company in writing. If you have conversations over the phone, follow up with an email summarizing the discussion. This creates a paper trail of your efforts to dispute the assessment.

  7. Review the Adjuster’s Report: If your insurance company sends an adjuster to assess the damage, carefully review their report. Check for accuracy and ensure that they’ve accounted for all the damage and losses.

  8. Involve Your State’s Insurance Department: If your efforts to challenge the assessment are unsuccessful, you can contact your state’s insurance department. They can provide guidance, mediate disputes, and sometimes conduct investigations into unfair claim practices.

  9. Consider Legal Assistance: If the dispute escalates and your claim is significant, you might consider seeking legal advice. Consult with an attorney who specializes in insurance law to understand your rights and options.

  10. Maintain Records: Keep records of all correspondence, assessments, estimates, and evidence related to your claim. These records can be valuable if you need to pursue legal action or involve regulatory authorities.

Remember that challenging an insurance assessment can be time-consuming and may not always result in the outcome you hope for. It’s important to approach the process with patience and persistence while seeking professional advice if needed. Every situation is unique, so consulting with experts who are familiar with insurance claims and local regulations can be extremely beneficial.



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