Hi, I’m Nico!

I’m 7 and ½ years old. My mom and dad talk about real estate and assets and liabilities a lot. I’m saving my money so I can buy assets too. In the car we are always listening to podcasts and audio books. I know a lot of the people on the podcasts, like Uncle Brandon, Uncle AJ, Auntie Amanda and Uncle Cam. I know all their kids too.  We get to hang out a lot together, especially with Rosie and Wilder and Riley and Callie and Cade. We see them a lot. Our families are good friends. We even spent Christmas in Coeur d’Alene with Uncle Brandon and Auntie Heather and Rosie and Wilder. I like Wilder. He’s fun.

Why do I want assets? Because assets make you money and liabilities cost you money.  None of my friends in school know what an asset is. My friend Ezekiel thinks it’s a bad word. I told him it’s actually a really good word. He doesn’t really care. He just likes football.  We play at recess. My dad says I probably have enough money saved to start investing.  I’m still learning and most stuff I don’t really understand but I know my mom and dad can teach me.  I want assets because if I get paid for owning real estate then I can spend time playing Minecraft and maybe not have to go to school. I like school though. I’m in second grade. 

I like taekwondo too. I’m a second degree yellow belt. My mom says the white belt is the hardest belt to get, but I thought it was easy. I love that my mom and dad get to watch me do taekwondo and that we spend a lot of time together.  I also like to ski, play with pokemon and hang out with my best friend Peyton.

This is my journey…

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